Weight Lifting for Women

How to Have a Safe and Effective Workout

Weight lifting for women and weight training are types of strength training that aren't quite as popular with women as with men. That's too bad, because the benefits to women are immense. The numerous benefits are listed in the first part of this article, What is Weight Training? They include burning fat, improved bone density and a sculpted and toned body.

It's crucial to do it right, though. Doing exercises with weights correctly is important not only for effectiveness, but even more importantly, to prevent injury. If you hurt yourself, you'll know it.

But if you aren't doing your workout routine correctly, you won't experience the results you could be having and you may think that weight lifting for women just doesn't work. It absolutely does, if done properly.

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Here's a list of the most important things to remember for a safe and effective workout program.

  1. Warm Up

    Before starting your workout routine, you need to warm up your muscles. This helps to prevent injury. It's really tempting to skip this, but don't. It's one of the crucial aspects of weight lifting for women, and it really doesn't take that long.

    You can warm up your muscles by doing about 10 minutes of light cardio. Jog in place. Use a treadmill or other cardio machine at the gym, go for a brisk walk. Whatever you do, don't skip this part of your workout.

  2. Slow and Easy Lifting

    It's tempting to rush through your weight training routine, but don't. It's not worth it. Rushing through your workout increases your chances of injury, and it is less effective in helping you reach your weight loss or gaining lean muscle goals.

    It's best to lift slowly and steadily. Some machines at the gym will even let you know if you're lifting too quickly (or too slowly) by beeping at you.

    If you find you have to use momentum to lift the barbell or dumbbell, and you find yourself swinging the weights, then you are probably lifting too much weight.

  3. Breathe!

    Such a simple thing! But yet, we tend to hold our breath when we're doing something difficult. Try your best to breathe for the whole movement. Depending on the specific exercise, you can coordinate your in and out breaths with the rep.

  4. Engage Your Abs

    No matter what exercise you're doing, if you engage your abs, you will not only strengthen your core body and get a little extra benefit around your waist, but you'll also protect your spine and low back from injury.

    When standing up straight with your knees slightly bent, tighten, or pull in, your abdominal muscles. For lying down exercises, you can also engage your abs by tightening your abdominal muscles before you lift.

  5. Lift Enough Weight

    You have to lift enough weight to feel it. Your last repetition should be difficult, but you should still be able to do it with correct form.

    You should also be increasing the amount of weight you lift to avoid hitting a plateau.

    Of course, you don't want to overdo it to the point of injury. If you can't maintain proper form with the amount of weights your are lifting, then you are lifting too much.

  6. Rest Between Workouts

    With weight lifting for women, your muscles actually grow and change between your workouts when your muscles are resting. You should rest one full day between workouts. However, you can work out every day if you focus on different muscle groups.

  7. Check Your Form

    If at all possible, consult with a personal trainer specializing in weight lifting for women to make sure that you're doing your repetitions correctly.

Remember these 7 essential basics and you will be able to reach your fitness goals in a short time and without injury.

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