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Well, Vince DelMonte got married to a fitness "nut" named Flavia. She is also a nurse. And together, Flavia and Vince designed another workout program called "Full-Body-Licious: A Female's Formula for a Flawless Figure." So the No Nonsense Body Shaping program with Shannon Clark is no longer available. I haven't had a chance to review this new program yet, but I will do so soon.

In the meantime, all the links to NNBS will take you to Flavia's new program so you can check it out for yourself.

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This Vince DelMonte Review may be a little different from other articles you've seen.

The primary focus on this fitness model champion and author of the top selling No Nonsense Muscle Building is to decide if his workout plan is appropriate and effective for weight training women and/or for women in general who want to improve their physique through strength training.

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Is the DelMonte Program Designed for Women?

First off, when you go to Del Monte's main website, you'll notice that towards the top, there is a link that says "Wait, I am a female... CLICK HERE." That's great. It looks like there's going to be something specific for women and girls interested in building muscle and getting a great looking body.

Click on the "female" link and it takes you to Vince DelMonte and Shannon Clark's No-Nonsense Female Body Shaping Workouts. So now we think that the program has been specifically revamped with women in mind. Great! Well, maybe.

I ordered the workout program from the specific "female" section of the site in order to do this Vince DelMonte Review. At first, I was pleased that Del Monte designed a plan with women in mind. Many of the top weight training workouts only focus on guys and their needs and not on women.

However, as I started reading through through the 200+ page ebook, I didn't see any sign of Shannon Clark (the female fitness guru) other than her signing on to the introduction.

I felt a little confused and a little misled. But I continued studying the system to determine whether it was an effective program for women weight training, in spite of this flaw.

Vince DelMonte Review: Flaws with NNBS

Don't get me wrong. The No Nonsense Body Shaping system is an excellent overall program for women to lose weight and build muscle and I recommend you read this entire Vince DelMonte Review, in spite of my criticisms, to help you decide if this is the right workout program for you.

Part 2 of this review gives you a description of the program and how it DOES work.

But since I've already started on the shortcomings of this particular fitness system, I may as well write about the rest of the flaws. Here are the shortcomings that caught my attention:

  • The ebook was obviously only edited somewhat to make it female-specific. And the editor didn't do a great job. One line left in was "Trust me. Your testes will become nothing more than little dangling ornaments with no real function but to get in your way during leg presses." Another line talked about adding "serious size to your frame." Not something most women want to do!
  • The nutrition part of No Nonsense Body Shaping (the female version of the ebook) is not for vegans. Vegetarians may be able to moderately alter the nutrition recommendations, but vegans will have a tough time without additional sources of information about protein. If you're a meat eater, then the nutrition part will work for you perfectly.
  • The ebook sometimes uses words that may be unfamiliar to women who are taking up weight training for the first time.
  • You cannot rely on the ebook alone to be able to do this strength training program. The exercises and thorough workout routines listed do not show you or even tell you how to do the exercises. Fortunately, the private access you have to DelMonte's website contains incredible how-to videos for everything in the ebook and the program.
  • And perhaps the least important thing when you want to lose fat and build muscle: the ebook that accompanies this workout system is filled with grammatical errors and typos! Sometimes, the writing was downright confusing! I had to remind myself that the ebook was not "literature," but rather a step-by-step system to help women get into the best shape of their lives.

Is There Anything Good About Vince DelMonte's Approach?

After reading the above, you may be asking yourself if there is anything good about Vince DelMonte's No-Nonsense Muscle Building or Body Shaping System or is it just a scam?

Well, you may have noticed that this Vince DelMonte Review gives the workout an almost perfect rating. That's because if you focus on the question that's really important:

"Is Vince Del Monte's No Nonsense Body Shaping program effective in helping women to reach their fitness goals?"

Then the answer is an emphatic "yes."

See Pt. 2, No Nonsense Body Shaping Review for a description of the program and how it DOES work.

Or go directly to Vince DelMonte's No-Nonsense Female Body Shaping site to decide for yourself.

I hope the cons listed in this Vince DelMonte Review haven't discouraged you too much from this particular weight training for women program. It does have some flaws, but the comprehensive online resources you'll have access to if you buy this program are among the absolute best I've seen to help women and girls reach their fitness goals.

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