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Before I set out to do this Truth About Abs Review, I must admit that I wondered to myself, "Is the Truth About Abs Program a scam?"

After all, it dubs itself "The #1 Rated Abs Program on the Internet (as Ranked by"

Whenever I see anything call itself #1, I wonder who else was in the running and how the #1 position was determined. But I opened my mind to provide an objective "Truth About Abs Review," also called, "The Truth About Six Pack Abs," and a review of their website.

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The other preliminary question I needed to answer for this review was, "Does the Truth About Abs Program" work for women? The short answer is "yes," but please continue reading to find out why I came to this conclusion.

So What is "The Truth?"

The first thing I quickly discovered when I studied the program was that the truth about six pack abs is that abdominal exercises and focusing only on your abs will not get you a six pack or a great looking set of abdominal muscles.

"Spot reduction" is a well-known myth among personal trainers, and Michael Geary, the author of this program, lays it out for you from the start.

A low body fat percentage and full body workouts are what's necessary to get great looking abs, no matter if you are a man or a woman.

Description of the Program

Weight Training and Nutrition

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a weight training program for women and men with complete nutrition information to help you burn fat, tone and strengthen your muscles, and transform your body and health. Author Michael Geary says that the methods used in his program "simply achieve a strong, toned, well-defined, lean and functional physique."

Not a "Burn Fat Fast" Program

If you need to lose a few pounds quickly, then you need to look elsewhere. "The Truth" is a life-changing plan that will require your commitment to good nutrition and exercise. It will take work, but you'll probably find that the promised pay-off is worth it.

Exercises and Sample Workouts for All Levels

The Truth About Six Pack Abs has photos and detailed directions to perform abs exercises and all other necessary exercises for a full-body workout. Thorough sample workouts are provided for beginner, intermediate and advanced workout levels.

Comprehensive Nutrition Information

Very detailed information about nutrition "do's" and "don'ts" and the "why's" and "how's" about nutrition and how to boost metabolism are included. If you currently are not eating the right foods and you are not ready to drastically change your diet, then this program will only help you so far.

Geary is adamant about good nutrition and its role in getting you a great looking body. In fact, nearly the first one-third of the program book is devoted to nutrition. To make incorporating all the information he provides easier to digest, he lays out 84 meal plans.

For some women, this program will require a drastic change to diet and eating habits.

Truth About Abs Review: Overall Impression

For more details and specific pros and cons of the program, see Pt. 2, Review Truth About Abs.

Passionate and Comprehensive Program

After spending several hours reading every word of this program to do a thorough Truth About Abs Review, I got the impression that Mike Geary is passionate about health and fitness. I also felt like I had learned a ton about nutrition, how to lose weight, and about the exercises necessary for a full-body workout and great abs.

"What Do I Do Now?"

However, although I felt like I learned a lot, I also thought "what now?" "Where do I start?" The information provided was so thorough in terms of giving me a broad overview and many specifics of health, nutrition and fitness, that it was a bit overwhelming.

I knew that in order to start this program, I needed to spend more time rereading portions of it and making a diet and workout plan for myself.

Might Be Difficult for Absolute Newbies

While I must say in this Truth About Abs Review that I believe this to be a great, thorough and effective program to help women lose weight, build muscle and sculpt and tone their bodies, I don't think it is the best program available for people who are totally new to working out and weight training.

There are several things that the writer of the program takes for granted. He assumes we are familiar with all the workout terms. It's assumed we know what constitutes a "rep" or a "set," or what "anaerobic" means; and that we know what a "psoas" or "hip flexor" muscle is. And while such terms are easy enough to look up, an absolute newbie could use their lack of knowledge of these terms to put off starting the workout.

Also, some of the pictures of the exercises might seem a bit intimidating if you've never seen them before or have never set foot in a gym.

So while a beginners sample workout is included, the whole program may not be suitable for someone new to working out or who is not absolutely committed to making changes in her physical health and physique.

Truth About Abs Review: Final Impression

The final overall impression in doing this Truth About Abs Review was that I was holding the key (or at least one key) to not only great looking abdominal muscles, but also to a lean and strong body; if I was willing to work for it.

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