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Here's a list of Sites for Women that provide useful information and tips to improve our lives in many different ways.

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More Great Fitness Websites

No-Hype Fitness Facts - An excellent, FREE, quality health & fitness information goldmine. Guidance on proper nutrition, weight loss and maintenance, cardio exercise and strength training. Advice for leading a healthier lifestyle through a sensible diet, structured exercise, and stress management strategies. Also offers online personal training and monthly newsletter.

List of Sites for Women Related to Aging

Healthy Aging For Women Baby Boomers - A simple no-nonsense guide for better lifestyle habits for women 50 plus; it includes tips and advice for starting a regular exercise program.

Site Related to Skincare

100% Pure and Natural Mineral Makeup - Skincare starts with you and the more you know about your skin the more equipped you'll be to care for it. The makeup you use is a big part of your skincare routine and if you're using the wrong makeup, your complexion will suffer. Visit Tyler Simone and find out what the right makeup can do for you.


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