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Here's Pt. 2 of Review Truth About Abs. For a thorough program description, see part 1 of Truth About Abs Review.

Brief Description of the Program

The Truth About Abs (aka "The Truth About Six Pack Abs") is a thorough weight training and nutrition system for women and men. It includes detailed information about diet, nutrition, abdominal exercises, and full-body exercises using weights.

It has pictures of all the exercises along with detailed instructions. Sample weight training routines are included for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Specific Praises: Review Truth About Abs

Comprehensive Workout and Nutrition Plan

The Truth About Abs is a comprehensive plan that if followed to the letter will change your body, increase your metabolism, burn fat, and improve your health.

It is thorough and gives the "why" of what you are doing and the "how" of how it works. This is the type of knowledge that can be put into practice on a daily basis, and it also inspires you to want to follow the plan and stick to it.

Great Explanations to Motivate and Execute Exercises

Author Mike Geary provides some of the best information I've come across to explain how our metabolism works and how weight training can significantly boost metabolism so much more than simple cardio routines.

Pictures and a detailed description of each recommended abs exercise and weight training exercise is included. You will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Flexibility of Program

A complete set of 84 sample meals are set out in the program for a hypothetical individual. You can use these meals as guidelines to plan the perfect healthy and fat reducing meals for yourself, although it will require some work and planning on your part. With the proper adjustments, anyone can use the nutrition plan.

Plus, the free Metabolic Rate Calculator included with the program makes this easy and fun to do.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs program stresses that exactness is not essential or even necessary to get the results you want. As long as you follow the general nutrition and workout guidelines laid out, you'll see results.

Sample workouts are provided for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels. As long as you follow the general guidelines, you can be flexible in your workouts and still see incredible results.

Great Weight Training for Women Program

Women are not an afterthought in this weight training program. Although there is only the one program for both men and women, it felt like it was being written for women and with women's specific challenges in mind.

When there was a difference between weight training and muscle building between men and women, it was covered.

Writing Style

And lastly, I appreciated how well written the program was with virtually no typos or grammatical mistakes!

Specific Criticisms: Review Truth About Abs

As with anything, we all have our personal likes and dislikes, or things that we feel could be better. Here are some areas of the program that I thought could be improved.

Too Much Information Sometimes

Much of the nutrition information goes into a lot of specifics that may be a bit confusing for people without some starting knowledge. For example, the information about the blood sugar process, how carbohydrates work, and a bunch of information about the glycemic index got to be a bit confusing. It's not that it wasn't well written, it was just too much information!

No Table of Contents

I like to have a road map of sorts before I start reading a book or program. I was disappointed that the book did not include a Table of Contents. But that may have been intentional as Mike Geary, the author, tells you that he wants you to read through The Truth About Abs in its entirety before you start the program.

I had to make myself a table of contents so that I could go back to parts I needed and that were referred to later in the program.

No Supporting Citations to Research Studies

In doing this "Review Truth About Abs," I noticed several references to research studies. Although it's certainly not essential in starting the program or achieving the benefits, I would have liked to see some specific citations to the studies so that if I wanted to learn more information, I could have done so easily.

I particularly would have like to see the studies Geary refers to when he asks us to "consider some recent scientific research that indicates that steady pace endurance cardio work may not be all it's cracked up to be."

May Not Be the Best Workout Program for Vegetarians

The Truth About Abs Program is ideal for meat-eaters. However, vegetarians will have to get additional information to adjust this program to meet the necessary nutritional requirements. Vegans will really have to scramble to fully take advantage of all the benefits of Mike Geary's program.

Needs More Internal References

The sample training programs list all the exercises you need to do for a workout and how many reps and sets. However, if the exercise is new to you, then you have to search out the description and photo of the exercise in the book. Once you do that, and write down the page number for each exercise, it's not a problem.

It just would have been nice if Mr. Geary had provided a page number beside each of the exercises listed in the training programs.

Final Recommendation: Review Truth About Abs

While there are definitely pros and cons to this comprehensive fat burning weight training exercise program, I would recommend it to anyone who is seriously committed to making changes in their health and physique.

I found in doing this Review Truth About Abs everything you need to make serious improvements to your body. However, you have to be willing to work the program.

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