Leg Workout Tips for
Safe and Effective Workouts

These leg workout tips for women will help ensure a safe and effective workout to strengthen and tone your hamstrings, quads and calves. See our Leg Exercises for women page for a list and step-by-step instructions.

Because our lower body strength is usually greater than our upper body strength, it may be tempting to take shortcuts when we're working out our legs. However, if you remember the following tips, you'll have a safer and far more effective workout.

List of Leg Workout Tips

  1. Warm Up Before Every Weight Training Workout

    You can warm up your muscles by doing about 10 minutes of light cardio, jogging in place, using a treadmill or other cardio machine at the gym, or going for a brisk walk. You can also warm up by going through your leg exercise routine once with very light weight.

  2. Don't Rush Through Your Workout

    Move through your exercises slowly and steadily to prevent injury and get a more effective workout for your leg muscles.

  3. Remember to Breathe

    We tend to hold our breath when we're doing something difficult. Try your best to breathe through the whole movement. Depending on the specific leg exercise you're doing, you can coordinate your in and out breaths with the repetition.

  4. Engage Your Abs

    No matter what weight training exercise you're doing, if you engage your abs, you will not only strengthen your core body and get a little extra benefit around your waist, but you'll also protect your spine and low back from injury.

    You can engage your abs when you work out by tightening, or pulling in, your abdominal muscles.

  5. Lift Enough Weight

    To strengthen your leg muscles, you have to make them work. Your last repetition should be difficult, but still with the correct form. Gradually increase the amount of weight you lift after a few workouts to avoid hitting a plateau.

  6. Rest Between Workouts

    With any weight lifting exercises, your muscles actually grow and change between your workouts when your muscles are resting. Rest one full day between workouts; however, you can effectively and safely work out consecutive days if you work different muscles.

  7. Use Correct Form

    Doing leg exercises using correct form is essential for safety and effectiveness. If you're not sure about your form, consult with a personal trainer specializing in weight lifting for women to make sure that you're doing your repetitions correctly.

Follow these leg workout tips and you're sure to make the most of your time and energy.

Top Leg Workout for Women

Killer Quads website

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Karen is a 20-year veteran female bodybuilding and she knows her stuff.

Check out her website for more information about the workout.

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