How to Build Lean Muscle
for Women

If you want to know how to build lean muscle for women, then take a look at weight training. Lifting free weights or using weight machines is one of the best ways around to build and tone your muscles and shed unwanted pounds.

It's also an effective tool in fighting age-related issues such as osteoporosis, and it is the best way to lose weight. Not only that, but it doesn't take as long as you might think to see great results.

What is Weight Training for Women?

Weight training falls under the general heading of strength training. A workout includes using "free weights" or "weight machines" and gravity or resistance to work large muscle groups as well as smaller ones.

Free weights are generally called "dumbbells" and "barbells." You can use dumbbells and barbells to do hundreds of exercises and give your body a total exercise workout.

Weight machines are usually found at the gym (unless you're lucky enough to have a well-equipped home gym!) and they use "stacks" of weights and resistance or gravity. Most of these machines will target a particular group of muscles, but some will be able to target more than one muscle group.

A simple weight training program can show you how to build muscle fast and get results.

How Long Does it Take to Build Lean Muscle for Women?

Women engaged in an effective strength training program will begin to notice results in a very short while without having to do long workout routines.

According to the Mayo Clinic, "You can see significant improvement in your strength with just two or three 20- or 30-minute weight training sessions a week."

Building Lean Muscle Mass is Essential For Women as We Get Older

As we age, our muscle mass naturally decreases. Not only does this make us less strong and susceptible to age-related problems, but our shriveling muscles actually get replaced with fat!

No matter what age we are, weight training will help us reverse this trend, build essential muscle, and helps us to manage our weight, and even burn fat by increasing our metabolism.

A proper strength training program will also help with joint flexibility and increase bone density.

What is "Lean Muscle Mass" Anyway?

When we look for the answer to "how to build lean muscle for women" we really are answering the simple question "how to build muscles." While there is disagreement about the "lean" adjective added to this question, the popular consensus is that women looking at weight training as a way to improve health, lose weight, and become stronger, may be concerned about becoming "musclebound" like the guys we've seen at the gym or in the media, so we want to build lean muscle. "Lean muscle" may sound more svelte and feminine.

Well, it's pretty much impossible for women or girls to look like male bodybuilders from simple weight training routines. We just don't have the natural physiology for it.

Yes, a solid workout will build lean muscle for women and help to "tone" or sculpt our bodies, but a female would have to go beyond a simple strength program to achieve massive muscle growth.

Lifting weights and following a well-planned weight training program for women will help to build the (lean) muscle we want and that will help us to look and feel great.

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