Iron Dolls Review

Iron Dolls

This Iron Dolls review takes a look at the popular e-book and workout program designed by Karen Sessions, the 20-year natural bodybuilding veteran and certified personal fitness trainer. She is also known as "MsFit." "Iron Dolls" is the name of her female muscle building program.

Before we get into this Iron Dolls review, let's take a look at who Karen is. Karen was the female version of the 98-pound weakling. Actually, she suffered from anorexia nervosa. Until she got her disease under control, she was underweight, to the point of passing out. Had she not decided to change her life, she could have suffered from serious long term health problems.

Getting "Killer Quads" (the title of another of Karen's popular e-books for women wanting to work specifically on strengthening their legs) was not Karen's first goal. She never thought that she would compete as a bodybuilder. Her first priority was to gain weight in a healthy manner. It was only after spending some time in the gym that someone suggested she compete. She briefly covers this part of her life in the biography section of "Iron Dolls."

The majority of the book is devoted to helping women who want to look their best and be in the best possible shape. Karen Sessions' system does not offer a quick weight loss or muscle-building fix. Like anyone that has "been there and done that," she knows that the process is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, but she gives you all the information to do it, if you are willing and committed.

So, if you were thinking (or hoping) that "Iron Dolls" is an easy solution, you will be disappointed. The program does contain the female bodybuilding secrets that make it easier for women to build muscle and burn fat, but the key word is "easier," not "easy."

When you start trying to get in shape, you might have no idea what to do. You might join a gym for starters. You walk in feeling like everyone knows what they are doing and knows that you don't even know where to start.

Unless you hire a personal trainer (Karen is a personal trainer, by the way), you might struggle with the exercises, jumping from one machine to the next. You might watch what other people are doing and hope that you are getting it right. At the worst, you might injure yourself doing the exercises incorrectly.

Iron Dolls includes detailed workout plans for each muscle group, as well as nutrition and natural supplement information. No more guessing if you're doing something right. Iron Dolls is not just a weight training program for women bodybuilders, but also for women who want to become fit and have more muscle tone and definition. If you're not into building a lot of muscle, don't worry. This program is designed to help you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

Karen's books (Iron Dolls and Killer Quads), courses and website are written in an easy to understand format. They provide practical advice for beginners, and for women who are seriously thinking about competition, too.

This brief Iron Dolls review cannot possibly cover everything that she has learned and is willing to share with you. But, hopefully, it's enough to do Karen justice. The best thing to do is just try it out. Karen offers an 8-week 100% money back guarantee.

Visit the Iron Dolls website and check it our for yourself.

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