Inner Thigh Exercises for Women

Exercises to Strengthen the "Adductor" Muscles

Step-by-Step Instructions and Videos

Before we get to the inner thigh exercises listed below, here are some quick facts about this part of our upper leg.

  • Inner thigh muscles are technically called "adductors." Specifically, there are three muscles: adductor brevis, adductor longus, adductor magnus.
  • Adductors allow us to move our legs towards the center of our body; for example, when we squeeze our thighs together.
  • Although not considered a major muscle group, they are essential for proper leg movement and they help stabilize our hip joints. Strong adductors also help us to perform weight training exercises for women more effectively.
  • Exercises that target our adductors do not burn thigh fat. If you're asking how to lose thigh fat, the answer is simple, but the execution is more difficult. You need to engage in an overall body weight loss plan plus weight training exercises.
  • "Thigh slimming exercises" alone will not give you slim thighs no matter what anyone says; however, strengthening and toning these muscles, as well as building muscle in other parts of your body will help you to achieve your goals faster, whether they are weight loss, strength training, muscle building or slim thighs.

For exercises focusing on other parts of the leg, including calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps, see Leg Exercises for Women.

Adductor Exercises on the Floor

Equipment needed: None

Targeted muscles: Adductors


  1. Lie on your side on the floor with the leg on the floor extended.
  2. Lean on the forearm that is on the floor; lifting your top body.
  3. Bend the knee of the top leg. You can then either place your foot flat on the floor in front of the knee of the straight leg, or rest the knee of the top leg on the floor (as shown in the video).
  4. Lift the lower leg off the ground as high as possible; hold for two or three seconds.
  5. Repeat 10 to 20 times, according to your workout routine.
  6. Switch legs and repeat.

Inner Thigh Exercises Variation

  • You can also hold the muscle contraction of your lifted leg for 10 to 20 seconds, then lower and repeat the movement.

Adductor Exercises with a Ball

Equipment needed: Ball (about soccer ball size)

Targeted muscles: Adductors


  1. Stand with your knees slightly bent with the ball between your inner thighs; you can also sit as shown in the video directed towards seniors.
  2. Squeeze the ball with your thighs as hard as you can; try to pop the ball.
  3. Maintain the contractions for a few seconds.
  4. Repeat until you a feel burn.

Inner Thigh Exercises Variation

  • Hold the muscle contraction when squeezing the ball for as long as you can and then repeat the movement.

Using Weight Training Machines

If you have access to a gym, you can find special equipment to do inner thigh exercises.

Here are a couple machines that will help you do some thigh toning exercises at the gym:

  • Adductor Machine
  • Low Cable Pulley

To ensure an effective workout and prevent injury, it's best to ask a trainer at the gym to show you the proper use of any weight training machines and equipment.

Going Beyond Inner Thigh Exercises

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