Female Bodybuilding Overview Part 2

Intro to Bodybuilding for Women

Female bodybuilding is not just for women and girls who want to lose weight and gain muscle. If your objective is to lose weight, tone your body and gain lean muscle, then you're probably thinking about weight training for women, rather the bodybuilding.

Bodybuilders are athletes who compete in the sport of bodybuilding. They are usually quite dedicated and work hard to achieve their goals. There are many competitions to participate in all around the world, both amateur and professional.

The general criteria and mandatory poses for this women's competition are below. Governing agencies set the rules and criteria for the individual contests.

Criteria for Female Bodybuilders

Generally, the main factors women are judged upon are the size, shape and symmetry of their muscles. Of course, because the sports world isn't quite equal in all things, women competitors are also expected to show a certain level of femininity during competitions.

In fairly recent competitions, women were even required to wear high heals during the judging. At the same time, they were exhibiting their dedication to the sport through their muscular physiques that only come about by hard (and smart) work.

Poses Required in Women's Competitions

During female bodybuilding competitions, contestants are required to perform a series of poses. Generally, the poses are the same from competition to competition.

The National Physique Committee (NPC) is the top amateur body building and fitness competition organizations in the U.S.

Here are the seven mandatory poses required by the NPC:

  • POSE#3 - SIDE CHEST POSE (either side)
  • POSE#4 - SIDE TRICEP EXTENSION (either side)

The above poses are pretty standard, but if you're thinking about entering a specific competition, it's best to check directly with the sponsoring organization as rules can change at any time.

Besides these seven poses, the NPC states additional criteria for Female Bodybuilders:

"Judges look for the Total Package – the balance of size, symmetry and muscularity. There are, however, limits to the size of the muscles and the degree of muscularity that are acceptable. Competitors must maintain a feminine look. Extreme hardness and extreme muscle size is not acceptable."

To learn about the history of female bodybuilding and some of the controversies that have surrounded the sport, see page 1 of this Bodybuilding for Women article.

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